Our Parcels

All of our parcels are packaged super discreetly, to ensure the highest level of discretion for our customers, without compromising on our eco-friendly values.


All of our products are packaged discreetly, with no branding whatsoever on either the courier ticket or the parcel!

The vast majority of our parcels are packaged using R3 cardboard courier packaging, or for larger orders, sent in a box. We recycle packaging from our suppliers as well, so you may receive recycled packaging in your parcel to keep your products extra secure while in transit.

The super discreet packaging means that you can reuse and recycle the cardboard without being concerned that the packaging will be recognized by anyone else. 


The only branding included in each parcel is in the form of a stamp on the inside of the courier packaging - just to say thank you! 

To keep things simple, discreet and environmentally conscious; we do not include any collateral (thank you cards, invoices, branded stickers/packaging, etc) in our parcels - only the products you have purchased, which are securely packaged. 

The vast majority of collateral that is included with most online purchases end up in the landfill or recycling. As a business, we do not believe in adding to this unnecessary waste, so we send all invoices, thank you messages and product care information via email.

This means it is in a convenient to locate place, and won't accidentally be thrown out with the courier packaging.