How to care for your ceramic sex toy

Designed to last a lifetime, ceramic sex toys are incredibly durable and very low maintenance. However, even the lowest maintenance sex toy requires some upkeep. Luckily ceramic is super easy to take care of!

Caring for your ceramic sex toy can be broken down into a few simple steps:

1. Maintenance before use
2. Cleaning after use
4. Care during use
3. Storage while not in use

Maintenance before use:

Before you dive into using your ceramic sex toy, the first and most important step is to check for any imperfections, and to clean your toy before use.

Whether you used your sex toy earlier that day, or a month or more previous, it is crucial that you check the finish on your ceramic sex toy before each use - this also applies to any other sex toy material. Cleaning your sex toy with an antibacterial toy cleaner before use is also important - these are used in intimate areas, after-all!

When checking for imperfections, be mindful of the following:

- any cracks in the ceramic or rough spots that have appeared

- chips in the ceramic are also important to look for, and may not be obvious until you run your hand across the chip.

While the glaze used on our ceramic sex toys is body-safe, imperfections from being dropped or chipped can harbour bacteria or potentially harm you internally if not noticed before use.

If you do find any imperfections in the ceramic, we recommend that you no longer use the toy and dispose of it responsibly.

Care during use:

Ceramic is compatible with all lubricant types, so you won't need to check your lubricant type before playing - yay! 

If you do opt to utilize your ceramic toy to experiment with temperature, please take care to transition your ceramic toy between temperatures gradually. For example, if you warm the toy in a mug of warm water first, then don't plunge it into a glass of ice water right away. Give the ceramic time to cool slightly before placing it in the ice water. Moving too quickly between temperatures can cause thermo-shock to the glaze of the toy, which may potentially cause the glaze to crack. 

It also pays to be mindful of the type of play while using ceramic sex toys. Ceramic is incredibly durable, but if you do drop your toy while playing, you should check to see if it is safe to use before continuing. It probably goes without saying that you should take care to not drop your ceramic sex toy on a hard surface, so be mindful when using your ceramic sex toy in the shower (or anywhere outside the comfort of a bed).

Cleaning after use:

Due to the hypoallergenic, non-porous, body-safe material of ceramic sex toys; clean up is super easy! We recommend an antibacterial cleaner, such as a hand soap, and encourage our customers to use a plastic-free bar or refillable option. There are now easily accessible refill stations available at supermarkets or your local eco-conscious store.

Many adult toy retailers have specific toy cleaners available, however using a specific toy cleaner is not necessary for the maintenance of your sex toy. An antibacterial hand soap will do the trick, and is a more discreet option for those who don't want to hide a bottle labelled 'toy cleaner' in their bathroom.

Cleaning your ceramic sex toy after use is simple:

1. run your ceramic sex toy under hot water to remove any residue

2. apply antibacterial cleaner generously to your sex toy and lather the cleaner thoroughly. 

3. after cleaning your sex toy with the antibacterial cleaner, thoroughly rinse the cleaner off the toy and ensure the cleaner is completely removed

4. dry your clean ceramic sex toy with a towel, taking care to dry the base completely

5. if the unglazed base of your ceramic sex toy is slightly damp, be sure to let this air dry before storing away
Maintaining the material of your ceramic toy will ensure that the toy lasts a life time, and will not be a sex toy that you have to replace often.

Storage while not in use:

Storing your sex toys correctly while not in use is incredibly important, and how you store your sex toy is dependent on the material the toy is made from.

Ceramic sex toys, as well as glass sex toys, can be stored with any other sex toy material without issue. The material will not react against any other materials (e.g. jelly sex toys melting when stored against each other), which makes ceramic one of the easiest materials to store.
The only recommendation we have regarding storage, is that you are mindful of the ceramic moving against another hard material, whether that be glass or another ceramic toy. If you are storing your ceramic sex toy in a drawer, will this be moving against any other materials when the drawer is opened?

Having a compartment within your bedside table or toy box for your ceramic sex toy to sit is the ideal way to store your toy. This will prevent any accidental chips in the ceramic when moving your drawer or toy box. The other option we recommend is a toy storage bag. These are especially great for those with sex toys which will react against each other, and can be used to store more than one toy. For example; you can store a ceramic sex toy with a silicone sex toy as the two materials will not react against each other. This is also a great way to maximize the storage each toy bag offers.

When cared for properly, ceramic sex toys will last a life time, and are a great investment for your toy box.