About Us

Clean Satisfaction was born from a desire to provide Kiwis with an eco-friendly option for sex toys and pleasure positive pottery. Designed and made in New Zealand, Clean Satisfaction's range of ceramic pieces is like no other. 

We believe that sexuality and sustainability do not have to be mutually exclusive.

Created by partners, Sophie and Jason, Clean Satisfaction is a small, kiwi-owned and operated business based in Wellington. 

Having worked in the adult toy industry over the past four years, Sophie found that there was a distinct lack of New Zealand-made sex toys, and a lack of focus on sustainable manufacturing processes and materials to create body-safe adult toys.

Thus, Clean Satisfaction was born! 


A true labour of love, Clean Satisfaction's range of ceramic sex toys are all hand-made, with quality and sustainability at the forefront of every creation, design and manufacturing process. Made from New Zealand clay, sourced from another kiwi-owned business, and fired with a partially solar-powered kiln, Clean Satisfaction sex toys are truly unique.

Each product is hand-crafted, and no two products are exactly the same. With a focus on supporting New Zealand's economy and other small operations run by Kiwis, Clean Satisfaction works with local suppliers to create their products, while supporting local charities by donating 5% of the total from each order to LGBTQIA+ inclusive charities in Aotearoa. We believe in supporting the little guy, and keeping New Zealand green.