How to use a massage candle

Lighting a candle to set the mood is pretty common in the bedroom, but what if that candle could also be used for massage?

For some, the idea of pouring melted wax onto the skin may not sound the most romantic or even pleasurable (though it can definitely be a kink for many others!). However, massage candles are a great way of dipping your toes into trying something like wax play, or just taking your massage game to a new, more romantic level. 

A ceramic massage candle in a purple pattern stands on a white table against a white wall. A bright green fern flows from a pot on the right.

Massage candles are pretty simple to use and super effective for setting the mood, especially if they have a wooden wick, such as our Clean Satisfaction massage candles. Not only does the wood of the wick look great, it also gives a soft crackling sound when lit, similar to a fire crackling. So if you don't have a fireplace to massage next to, a wooden wick may just be the next best thing. 

There are a couple of details to consider before using a massage candle. We recommend checking the ingredients to ensure there isn't anything you may react to, such as a specific fragrance. Most massage candles have a low fragrance percentage as they are being applied to skin, which may mean that the scent of the massage candle may not be as intense as a standard candle. 

Before lighting your massage candle, please follow the standard safety recommendations for burning a candle, such as ensuring nothing flammable is placed nearby, never leaving the candle to burn by itself, and the candle is only burned on a level surface. Once you have everything set up to burn the candle safely, light the candle approximately 15-30 minutes before you want to pour the wax. This will give the candle enough time to melt the wax. 

Depending on how sensitive the recipient of the oil will be, you may want to blow out the candle 2 minutes before pouring to allow the oil to cool slightly. Massage candles typically heat the oil to around 40 degrees, which might only seem warm to some, but to other it may be too hot. Before pouring you can also dip a finger into the oil, after blowing out the flame, to test the temperature. 

A massage candle in a green and teal pattern is held by a hand in front of a white wall. The candle is tilted forward so you can see the wooden wick in the centre of the candle.

To prevent your massage candle from tunneling, we recommend burning the candle until all of the wax on the top has melted. This may mean relighting the candle if you do blow it out before pouring the oil. When pouring the wax, take care to pour slowly and spread the oil immediately to dissipate the heat of the oil on the recipient's skin. This can also help prevent the oil from going anywhere you don't want it to, such as on bedding or a couch cushion.

If you have been interested in trying wax play, a massage candle can be a great way to dip your toes in without purchasing specific candles for wax play. The pour of the oil from a massage candle is a similar sensation to pouring most wax play candles. However, the biggest benefit of using a massage candle when first giving wax play a go is that the wax is easily massaged into skin or washed off. Which may be a nicer way to deal with the melted wax, compared to peeling dried candle wax off your skin (unless that's what you're into!), especially if there is body hair on that area.

Once you have burned your massage candle to the end of the wick, any remaining wax can still be used for massage. Simple scoop the wax out and melted between your hands to turn it into an oil before applying it to skin. Because of the oil and fragrance used, we would recommend avoiding sensitive areas as the oil may affect the pH balance for some people. But a quick wash of your hands before touching any sensitive areas will remove the oil easily. 

After all of the wax has been used, you now have a cute ramekin to reuse however you wish. We're all about multi-use designs, and our massage candles are no exception!