Everything you need to know about ceramic anal toys

Everyone has a butt, but not everyone wants something in or around their butt. But if you do - then you're in luck! Is that too many buts? We don't think so!

Anal play has been gaining popularity recently with more and more people trying it, loving it, and then talking about it. With an increase in awareness and better access to products to help us feel more comfortable dipping our toes in, anal play is quickly losing the stigma surrounding it. But there are a couple of things you should know before giving it a go - especially if you're curious and hoping the experience will live up to expectations!
4 ceramic butt plugs of increasingly large size stand in a row on a pink table, from smallest on the left to largest on the right. They all have a drip pattern from left to right; of purples, greens, rainbow and blues.
First things first; let go of any expectations a little bit. When we put huge expectations on new experiences, our anxiousness towards the situation may increase, thus making us more tense. You definitely don't want to be tense when trying anal play - the more relaxed, the better! Luckily there are things you can do to make yourself feel more comfortable.

If you're new to anal play, try it out by yourself before playing with a partner. Subconsciously you may place expectations on yourself to like anal play if your partner is there. Especially if they are excited for you to try it with them. Removing this pressure, may allow you to focus on how you truly feel. Douching before play will increase your level of comfort as you won't be worrying about whether you may find yourself in a messy situation. By removing the chance of running into a code brown, you can focus on all those good sensations!

Choosing an anal toy size is also very important for comfort - smaller is a safer bet to reduce the level of anxiousness. A plug with small bumps, like our Courtney plug is ideal to start with as it is slim but still adds some sensation with the bumps. If you usually use another toy while masturbating, try adding this to the experience as well. By combining a previous positive sexual experience (masturbating) with this new sensation, you are more likely to enjoy the feeling of anal play. Just don't forget to use lots of lube!

The anus does not naturally lubricate, so lubricant is an absolute must have for all anal play - no if's or but's about it! Choosing a lubricant for anal play will depend on the material of your anal toy. Ceramic anal toys can be used with any lubricant type, so you won't need to purchase a lubricant specific to your ceramic toy. Silicone lubricants are ideal as they are long-lasting, and won't go tacky during play.

A hand holds a glass bottle of lubricant above a large ceramic butt plug in a dark blue to light blue gradient standing on a wooden table. A drip of a lubricant flows down the side of the butt plug.
When choosing an anal toy, it is important to check whether your toy is non-porous, as this will ensure that bacteria from the anus is not adhering to your anal toy. Remember: even if you clean your porous sex toy often, you cannot completely sterilize the material. This is why we highly recommend ceramic toys for anal play as they are non-porous, and are ideal for adding temperature play into the mix.

One of the reason we love ceramic for anal toys is that they are super versatile! Not only is the non-porous material perfect for beginners, but you can evolve your anal play to include temperature play while still using the same toy.

When first using your ceramic anal toy, we recommend heating it to body temperature using warm water as cool ceramic may be a sensation that is too different, and may cause you to tense up - we don't want that! However, once more experienced with your ceramic anal toy, we highly recommend dipping it in cool or cold water for a new sensation (especially on those hot summer nights).

Anal play can be super daunting at first, but with the right preparation, toys and setting, you can unlock a hidden level of pleasure that you may not even realize is there!