Are ceramic sex toys better for the environment?

There has been a huge shift in the way people are shopping worldwide, and customers are becoming more aware of the impact that the products and brands they support are having on the environment. We've seen the big push to ban single use plastic (yay!), and public pressure has forced brands to reevaluate their business practices that may be harming the environment. Compostable couriers bags are now much more popular with retailers, as is cardboard courier packaging as well.

But what about the products inside those courier packages? Are those products helping or harming the environment around us?

A 6 inch classic ceramic dildo in a pink and purple speckle pattern stands on a wooden shelf. The dildo is reflected in a circular mirror set into the shelf, with a hanging plant flowing from a wicker pot in the background.

Similar to the fast-fashion industry, the adult toy industry has also seen a large boom in the number of new products being introduced to the market every year. There are sex toys that vibrate, clitoral toys that suck, inflatable toys that expand, and a variety of shapes and sizes that have been re-imagined.

While we are so excited by the shift in perspective to sex toys, and their gradual introduction to the masses, we can't ignore the environmental impact that this influx of new toys is having. The vast majority of sex toys are packaged in plastic, and have travelled across the world to arrive in New Zealand.

Having seen this after working in the adult toy industry for over 4 years, I began to ask the question; are sex toys bad for the environment? Are there more eco-friendly alternatives available? While looking into these questions, I came across ceramic sex toys and found ceramic to be a material which has a significantly lower environmental impact than most other adult toys. Not mention, the difference in experience when using a ceramic sex toy as well.

Ceramic sex toys made locally have a significantly lower environmental impact than those imported from overseas. That's not to say that you shouldn't purchase those toys. However, limiting the number of sex toys you purchase to those which are made from high quality materials will lessen the negative impact that the fast-adult toy industry has on our planet. Quality over quantity is definitely the way to go.

A 4 inch ceramic dildo in a dark purple bubble pattern lays amid tendrils of a chain of hearts plant

That being said, I would like to acknowledge that high quality sex toys are not in everyone's budget, and that the accessibility of high quality toys is limited to those who can afford to purchase such products. Sexuality and sensuality should be explored and available to everyone, regardless of financial situation. You should not feel guilty if those options are not in your current budget. However, if they are; then we strongly encourage you to support eco-conscious brands and products, in the aim of fostering widespread change to this industry and hopefully increasing availability.

In the case of Clean Satisfaction; we made a conscious decision to ensure that sustainability is at the forefront of our business decisions.
From cardboard courier packaging, to not including any collateral (thank you cards, paper invoices, etc) in our parcels. as well as partially firing our kiln using solar power, and recycling all clay scraps and water used during manufacturing - all of these decisions have a positive impact on the sustainability level of our ceramic sex toys. Not only are we focused on creating sex toys sustainably, there is also another positive in the life expectancy of ceramic toys as well.

Ceramic sex toys are designed to last decades with proper care, if not longer. Not only is this a win for the environment, but a ceramic sex toy will also be an investment that will save you money as you won't have to replace your toy every couple of years as it degrades over time and with use.

While ceramic sex toys may not be for everyone, we truly believe that they are the future of sex toys.