A hand holds a 3 inch cone shaped ceramic butt plug in a dark blue to light blue gradient pattern in front of a white background.

Large Butt Plug - Devon

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Designed as a standard butt plug, Jordan is perfect for those looking for a ceramic butt plug of a larger size. The classic butt plug shape is ideal for popping in for that 'full' feeling during play. The narrowed neck ensures that the plug stays put, and you get that satisfying 'pop' feeling when inserted fully. 

The flared base ensures that this small toy is safe for anal play, and the smooth ceramic is body-safe and perfect for introducing temperature play to your backdoor adventures. 

Heat things up by warming the ceramic butt plug in a mug of warm water, or cool things down by placing the toy in a glass of chilled water to get those senses tingling.

Material Ceramic
Total length 3.5 inches / 8.9cm
Widest girth 2 inches / 5.08cm
Approx. weight 170 grams

Please note: the exact sizing and colour may vary slightly as each of the Clean Satisfaction sex toys are made by hand. Each piece is truly unique. As a result, the sizing may vary up to 0.5 inch/12mm for both the length and girth.

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